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Inspiration at the Yuma Art Symposium

Last weekend I went to the Yuma Art Symposium. I had a great time spending three days with other artists, got a chance to put a piece in the student show, and took classes. It was just what I needed. Now I feel recharged and ready to make new work!

Bronze Om Pin

Participants at the symposium were encouraged to create pins to exchange with other artists. This is the pin I made – it’s an OM made of bronze.

For the student show, my mokume belt buckle was on display. Each person who had work in the show had a few minutes to talk about their work and have a slide show. Below are the pieces I talked about (except for the pin). I was a little nervous to get up there and speak, but in the end it was all good.



Belt Buckle Fine Art

Lizard Belt Buckle

Married metals lizard belt buckle.

This belt buckle is a hollow form. It is made of fine layers of silver and copper.

Lizard Belt Buckle  

Pendant Silver

Green Aventurine Moon Pendant

Aventurine is used for attracting abundance and wealth. It is supposed to be healing in stressful situations and to help relieve emotional imbalances, as it is connected to the heart chakra.

In astrology, the moon is also connected to how we deal with life emotionally, and our emotional challenges.

Aventurine is a beautiful stone, ranging from deep green to blue to orange to yellow.

Hand-carved Green Aventurine Moon Pendant.  


Similar pendant may be made to order – contact for orders and pricing

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