Silver Butterfly Earrings

I made these earrings using the saw piercing method, which means each piece is hand cut. This is not a cast item nor a mould – so no two earrings are exactly the same.

This item is made to order.

Butterfly Earrings

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Hand-carved White Silver Ring

This hand-carved ring has an expanded edge that is thicker on the top for a more dramatic look, yet is thinner on the sides and bottom for comfort. It also has a bevelled edge on the inside for a snug but comfortable fit.

Hand-carved White Ring

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Snake Bracelet

his is one of my favorite bracelets to make. It is hand-carved and curved to fit around the wrist bone. I love creating the organic shape of the bracelet and of the carvings—it has a very feminine feel.

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Moon Ring!

I call this one Moon Ring because it has craters. It is hand-carved and, as are all of my rings, this is not from a mould and is one-of-a-kind.

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Anticlastic Hollow Form Copper Bracelet

The word synclastic describes a form in which the dominant curves both move in the same direction. When the two dominant axes curve in opposite directions the result is known as an anticlastic form. A bowl is a synclastic form and a saddle is an anticlastic form.

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