Ram’s Horn Hollow Form Hoops

Ram’s Horn Hoops – Anticlastic Silver

I’ve been experimenting with the anticlastic technique and have moved on to trying it out on earrings. These earrings are hand-hammered and shaped into a ram’s horn spiral.

Very modern and very dramatic!

Ram’s Horn Hoops – Anticlastic Silver

SOLD – may be made to order. Click here for info ordering info.

2 thoughts on “Ram’s Horn Hollow Form Hoops

  1. Hi Matagi, Do you still remember me?? September 2001 your visit (with Thomas) to The Netherlands (Rotterdam- Maria and Leo). I was your driver, Trudi. Great time at the beach.
    I visited Camp Verde a few years later with Karl (my husband).
    I like the art you’re making. The photo’s taken by Holly are great too, I think she’s a gift.
    With warm regards, for both of you.

    1. Hi Trudy,
      Yes, of course I remember you. it was a wonderful time by the beach.
      Thank you, I really enjoy making art and yes Holly is a gift.
      It’s great to hear from you.
      Any plans on coming back to the states?

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