Plume Agate and Silver Pendant

Plume Agate anSilver Pendant

This piece is a hollow form made of plume agate and hand-hammered silver. It is approximately 1 and 1/2 inches long, by half an inch wide by half an inch thick. The cord for the pendant runs through the piece behind the agate. The back is left open so that light can pass through and the organic natural beauty of the stone is visible.

I had a large piece of raw plume agate. Sometimes it is hard to know what to expect from raw stone – it often looks nothing like what you can get from it – but I was lucky. I cut into the slab and polished it up. The earthy browns and mosses mixed with smokey crystal are fascinating. This is one of the best pieces from that stone.

This piece from the stone was a lot of fun to work with because it looks so dramatic – very much like layers of smoke, or something that has been kicked up in an otherwise calm pool of liquid.

Thus the name – plume agate.

Plume Agate anSilver Pendant

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