Copper Anticlastic Bracelet

Copper Anticlastic Bracelet

The rich reds, browns, golds, rusts, and hints of deep purple in this bracelet naturally occurs in copper when it is heated a certain way. The colors add to the beauty of the shape of this bracelet.

This bracelet is a hollow form and completely hand fabricated (hand made). One-of-a-kind.

Copper Anticlastic Bracelet

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3 thoughts on “Copper Anticlastic Bracelet

  1. Matagi, without question, this is the most GORGEOUS Copper bracelet I have ever seen. And, as usual, Holly Troy’s photographs rock! Thank you both.

      1. Holly, you and I (and other fellow Capricorns) are quite intelligent, so I have no doubt your ingenuity is Divinely Abundant. And the proof is in the pics!

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