Neptune Rising – Carved Silver Ring

Neptune Rising – Carved Silver Ring

There is an urgency to Matagi’s designs. The carvings appear to have rapid movement—a surge of energy, like a fast flowing stream swirling and eddying over and around stones and branches, or the splash and froth of water as an ocean wave curls upon itself. I am amazed that Matagi’s bold carvings create a sense of fluidity in solid silver. His design sense is both skilled and intuitive. — Holly Troy

This ring is squared for an extremely comfortable fit between the fingers and the inner edges of the ring are beveled for smooth wearing. Hand-carved whitened silver, one-of-a-kind.

Signed on the inside.

Neptune Rising – Carved Silver Ring

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4 thoughts on “Neptune Rising – Carved Silver Ring

  1. Matagi, I love this trend of you naming rings after beloved Gods! And I just wrote about how I find it important to work with both Goddesses and Gods as a way of balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies. As usual, your jewelry, your art, is GORGEOUS!

    1. Robert – I agree! As someone who sees Matagi’s jewelry up close, I also see his process – which is very intense and very intuitive. I am simply amazed at the beauty and the balance of masculine and feminine energy in his pieces—and I love the concept of the Gods and Goddesses harkening to classical art and stories are being woven into his work.

      1. Yes, indeed, Holly. I think we are long overdue to honor all the Divine Beings since ancient times. And clearly Matagi is being very clearly Divinely Guided in his art. And it is no coincidence that, while working on and with the Root Chakra, I rented the DVD “Immortals.” And Poseidon (or, as the Ancient Romans called Him, Neptune) was in attendance!

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