Moon Pendants Silver

aventurine crescent moon

I love the moon! The stone in this pendant is a bright creamy green.

This is a hand-carved silver and aventurine crescent moon pendant.

In many philosophies, the moon is considered to have a feminine or “yin” quality. In astrology, the moon represents our emotional nature. Green aventurine helps to balance qualities of the heart chakra, or our “feelings”.

Each moon pendant is one-of-a-kind (as are all of my hand-carved pieces).

Fine Art Pendant Silver

Hand-carved Silver and Aventurine “Shield” Pendant

I was very lucky to find the stone for this pendant – the size, quality, and stunning translucent green make this piece special. Depending on the light, it is either brilliant grassy green or a deep smoldering dark green.

If you are into chakras, this is an excellent piece for the fourth, or heart chakra. (Green is the most widely-used color for the heart chakra).

Aventurine is in the quartz family, and is useful for general, all-purpose healing. It is supposed to bring “good luck” as well.

Personally, I just happen to really like green, and this piece was a lot of fun to make! It is one of my current favorites.

This pendant, like all my hand-carved pieces, is one-of-a-kind. Due to the size and quality of the stone, I most likely won’t have more like it. (I may continue playing with the shape, but I never know what I will find in terms of stones).

Hand-carved Silver and Aventurine “Shield” Pendant

Pictured below in different light settings . . .

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