Bronze and Silver New Lotus Flower Pendant

Bronze and Silver Lotus Flower Pendant

My new lotus flower design is very lively – the petals on the flower are open and inviting.
Eye catching, yet small and light enough to wear during a workout.

This particular pendant is bronze and has a silver backing for those of you who enjoy the color of bronze but have a sensitivity to the metal.

The perfect gift for a yogi, flower lover, or meditator. Another addition to the zen collection.

Approximately 5/8 inch diameter by 1/4 inch deep. Signed.

Shown here with a 5-strand omega.

Matagi Sorensen is a Yavapai-Apache jewelry designer, silversmith, and printmaker. His work is inspired by the natural world, industrial decay, and yoga. Based in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and the Verde Valley, his work can be found throughout Arizona, the United States, Europe and on his online shop Wholesale enquiries are welcome.

Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant

Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant Om shanti. Another addition to the Zen Collection. Another version of my lotus flower pendant – this one in bronze. This pendant is about the size of a quarter, and though light, has a nice depth. Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant Click here for purchasing

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