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Nimbus – Bronze Pins for the Yuma Art Symposium

bronzepin.AANimbus – Bronze Pins for the Yuma Art Symposium

I made these pins for the Yuma Conference this weekend. Every year they have a pin swap – it’s much more fun than handing out business cards! And it has been a nice break from preparing for the Heard Museum show next weekend (March 2nd).

The smaller “cup” has a pin that slides through the larger “bowl”, and fastens in the back. The bowl is about an inch tall and 3/4 of an inch wide. I am pleased, and making some in silver as well!

Nimbus – Bronze Pins for the Yuma Art Symposium

Belt Buckle Bracelet Event Fine Art

Inspiration at the Yuma Art Symposium

Last weekend I went to the Yuma Art Symposium. I had a great time spending three days with other artists, got a chance to put a piece in the student show, and took classes. It was just what I needed. Now I feel recharged and ready to make new work!

Bronze Om Pin

Participants at the symposium were encouraged to create pins to exchange with other artists. This is the pin I made – it’s an OM made of bronze.

For the student show, my mokume belt buckle was on display. Each person who had work in the show had a few minutes to talk about their work and have a slide show. Below are the pieces I talked about (except for the pin). I was a little nervous to get up there and speak, but in the end it was all good.



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