Garnet and Brushed Silver Triple Goddess Pendant

Garnet and Brushed Silver Silver Triple Goddess Pendant

This piece has three garnets nestled in hand-hammered and brushed silver. Simple and elegant. The silver is curved slightly forward so it picks up a reflection of the stones.

The pendant is 2 and 1/2 inches long by 1/4 inch wide.

Turquoise and Brushed Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Turquoise and Brushed Silver Shadowbox Pendant

This piece is hand-hammered and hollow, one-of-a-kind not only for the stone, but for the body of piece. The back of the opening is blackened for a shadowbox affect. The chain for the pendant runs through the pendant. The turquoise is set into the back of the piece and is protected by the walls and front of the pendant.

I enjoy the modern use of classic southwestern materials – turquoise and silver.

This pendant may be worn anywhere, it’s clean lines make it a beauty for work or play.

It is about 3 inches long, about an inch wide at it’s widest point, and 3/8 of an inch thick.

Curved Brushed Silver Bracelet

This bracelet is designed to wrap around the wrist bone for comfort. This piece also has very rounded edges at the opening of the bracelet. The brushed silver softly picks up warmth and depth of light.

This bracelet is hand-carved and one-of-a-kind. Besides brushed silver I can make similar pieces in polished and carved, and for any size wrist.

Modern Brushed Silver Bracelet

Modern Brushed Silver Bracelet

With its clean line, this piece was designed to be worn by a man or woman. It has a substantial weight and the brushed finish has a sheen that gives the surface depth. The outer edge of the bracelet is flat and modern, while the inner edge is rounded for comfort. Perfect with just about any outfit!

Modern Brushed Silver Bracelet

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