Double-Sided Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Filigree

dirtymartinifiligris.3Double-Sided Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Filigree


This two-sided pendant may be worn with the shadowbox side showing or the solid side showing. Handcut design opens up to show the inner workings of the pendant, giving hints to the process of the piece.

Wear the shadowbox side for a more organic feel, or the solid side for a more clean look.

Entirely handcrafted. One inch diameter, 1/4 inch deep. Signed. Shown here with a 16-inch 7-strand silver omega necklace.

Double-Sided Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Filigree

Carnelian Shield Earrings

carnelianshieldearrings.3Carnelian Shield Earrings

Deep clear red carnelian is centered on hand-hammered brushed silver. A beautiful contrast of warm and cool. Each earring is unique due to the hand-crafted process.

A little more than an inch diameter. The earring wires are sterling silver.

Carnelian Shield Earrings

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Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Opening

dirtymartini.4 Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Opening

Polished silver hollow form pendant. Very clean style, yet at the same time, the opening in the design gives a sense of the process of the hollow form.

Modern and beautiful.

Approximately an inch diameter and one quarter inch deep. Hand-crafted. Signed. Shown with a 7-strand silver omega necklace.

Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Opening

Married Metals Turquoise Shield Earrings

mmturqMarried Metals Turquoise Shield Earrings

Hand-hammered silver and copper surround turquoise in a classic southwest combination. These dangling earrings are each unique due to the hand-crafted process. The raw texture of the hammering process juxtapose against the rounded surface. The metals are left in their natural state, the copper will deepen in color over time as it matures, further enhancing the organic quality of the earrings.

Approximately 1″ diameter. Sterling silver earring wire. Signed on the back.

Married Metals Turquoise Shield Earrings

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Red Disc Dangling Earrings


Red Disc Dangling Earrings

Textured red enamel intensely colors hand-hammered copper in these dangling earrings. Each earring has its own variations due to the hand-crafted process.

Vibrant, stunning. Wear when you want a flash of color!

Earrings are one inch diameter. The earring wire is sterling silver.

Red Disc Dangling Earrings

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Ultra-Modern Femme Silver Pendant

Ultra-Modern Femme Silver Pendant

An outer edge of highly polished silver encases a concave inner edge of softly brushed silver in this amorphously shaped hollow form pendant.

Fluid line. Simple, smooth, and bold – a stunning piece!

Approximately 2 1/2 inches long by 2 inches wide and 1/4 inch deep. Made to slide onto any necklace. Shown here with a 7-strand, 16 inch silver omega. Hand-crafted. Signed on the back.

Matagi Sorensen signature design.

Ultra-Modern Femme Silver Pendant

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Groove Band – Silver Lace Ring

grooveband.2Groove Band – Silver Lace Ring

Hand-carved sterling silver lace ring reflects light like shimmering water.

Signature-style design. Wears beautifully with any outfit.

Beveled inner-edge for a comfort fit.

One-of-a-kind. Approximately 1/4 inch wide. Signed on the inside of the ring.

Groove Band – Silver Lace Ring

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Wave Bracelet

wavybracelet.AAAWave Bracelet

Brushed silver subtly reflects light and color, while the sculptural quality of this bracelet make it a special piece. Fluid design is like water swirling past stone.

Understated and modern.

This piece is designed to fit comfortably around the wrist bone.

Signature style. Signed on the back.

Wave Bracelet

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Carnelian and Silver Lace Ring

Carnelian and Silver Lace Ring

Seriously fun ring! This piece comfortably fits on the finger as the top opens up to reveal a bright red carnelian center. The carnelian has two small blossoms of pale red, giving clues to the process of its formation—and—making the stone unusual and unique.

Expect comments when you wear this piece!! It’s a delightful beauty!

Whenever I have shows coming up, I just want to make fun, unique pieces. In less than two weeks—December 8th and 9th, 2012 (booth #52)—I’ll be showing at the Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market in Phoenix, Arizona—the last of the big shows this year! I’m really excited.

The top of the ring rises about a quarter of an inch from the finger and is approximately an inch in diameter. Hand-carved and one-of-a-kind.

Carnelian and Silver Lace Ring

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Hammered Shadowbox Pendant with Lapis

Hammered Shadowbox Pendant with Lapis

Hand-hammered brushed silver and midnight blue lapis make up this gorgeous pendant.


May be worn alone as a pendant, or strung with other beads.

Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind. 3/4 inch diameter, 1/4 inch deep. Signed on the back.

Hammered Shadowbox Pendant with Lapis