Full Moon Garnet Pendant

2012.12.garnetfullmoon.2Full Moon Garnet Pendant

Hand-carved and hand-cut blackened silver overlay with a deep garnet stone. The uneven surface of the silver reflects light so that it ripples, and light illuminates the depth of the garnet.

Approximately an inch diameter. One-of-a-kind, signed on the back.

Full Moon Garnet Pendant

This pendant was a commission. To see my collection of moons, or to order one for yourself, visit my online shop here.

Super Big Full Moon Amethyst Lotus Seed Pendant

amwow.AAA  photo by holly troy for matagi sorensen

Super Big Full Moon Amethyst Lotus Seed Pendant – 

Hand-carved polished silver frames faceted amethyst in this hollow form shadowbox pendant. An absolutely gorgeous piece that is sure to be noticed.

Brilliant purple amethyst beautifully translates light no matter what the lighting happens to be. Exquisite!

This piece measures 1 3/4 inches diameter, 1/4 inch deep. The stone is 8 millimeters diameter. Signature on the back. Hand-made, hollow form – one-of-a kind.

This piece was a commission. I’m incredibly inspired to make more.

Super Big Amethyst Lotus Seed Pendant

for purchasing a similar design . . . contact me @ matagisorensen@gmail.com, or click here


Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

Signature design, hollow form hand-carved polished silver pendant.

Seed represents pure potentiality. Lotus is a beautiful flower that rises out of the murkiest mud – and – it also represents the individual chakras of the Hindu chakra system. The full moon is potentiality realized.

One inch diameter, one quarter inch deep. Signed on the side. One-of-a-kind.

Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

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Silver Full Moon Pendant (II)

Full Moon Crater Pendant

This hollow form has hand-carved “craters” that allow light to pass through it. I have cut out holes into the sides of the pendant as well, so that the chain runs through the piece rather than through a bell at the top of the piece. This creates the illusion of a free floating form (such as a celestial body – like the moon)!

Size: 1 inch in diameter
1/3 inch thick

Silver Full Moon Crater Pendant


similar items may be made to order – contact matagisorensen@gmail.com

Silver Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

Silver Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

This piece is a hollow form. Both the front and the back of the pendant have hand-carved “craters” in order to let light pass through. The chain runs through the middle of the pendant, giving it a more “grounded” appearance.

Size: 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter
1/3 inch thick

Silver Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant
Chain not included in the price
This item was commissioned, similar items may be made to order.

Garnet Full Moon Pendant

Garnet Full Moon Pendant

Garnet is connected to the root chakra (muladhara) and the heart (anahata) chakra. It is known to strengthen the will to survive, remove inhibition, and increase self-confidence.

I love the way the light passes through the stone in this piece—it looks almost like wine.

Garnet Full Moon Pendant
commissioned piece (SOLD) similar pieces can be made