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Azurite Malachite Dangling Earrings

Azurite Malachite Dangling Earrings

It is rare to find stones like these, so I was so excited when I came across them. This particular set of stones comes from southern Arizona which is also a plus. (I like to buy locally when I can – and the southwest has great gems and minerals to chose from).

Azurite is a deep blue copper mineral, and so it is found in areas where there are copper deposits. Because azurite and malachite have a similar chemical composition, they can be found together, making a striking color combination of deep blue and bright green. (Wikipedia)

These earrings are hand-cut and hand-hammered. It is increasingly difficult to find stones like these, so I don’t know when I will be making my next pair.

Azurite Malachite Dangling Earrings

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