Green Disc Dangling Earrings

Green Disc Dangling Earrings

The natural deep red of hand-hammered copper tempers the green and shows through along the edges of these dangling earrings. Each earring has its own color and texture variation due to the hand-crafted process.

Very natural and beautiful!

Earrings are one inch diameter. The wire is sterling silver.

Guadalupe Poppy Jasper Pendant

A very striking pendant. The greens, reds, browns and creams of the stone are stunning. Guadalupe poppy jasper is from New Almadon, California. The mine it comes from is now closed and this variety of poppy jasper is considered extinct. It is a collectible and only exists in private stashes. Very rare.

Hand-carved Silver and Aventurine “Shield” Pendant

I was very lucky to find the stone for this pendant – the size, quality, and stunning translucent green make this piece special. Depending on the light, it is either brilliant grassy green or a deep smoldering dark green.

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