Curved Carved Silver Bracelet

Curved Carved Silver Bracelet

One of my classic designs. This bracelet is curved to fit comfortably around the wrist bone. The carvings catch the light so that this piece glitters in an understated way.

I realized on a hike in Sedona last week that the carvings stem from my love of the crevices that form in the valleys of the desert where I grew up.

Curved Carved Silver Bracelet

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Silver Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

Silver Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

This piece is a hollow form. Both the front and the back of the pendant have hand-carved “craters” in order to let light pass through. The chain runs through the middle of the pendant, giving it a more “grounded” appearance.

Size: 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter
1/3 inch thick

Silver Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant
Chain not included in the price
This item was commissioned, similar items may be made to order.

Curved Brushed Silver Bracelet

Curved Brushed Silver Bracelet

This bracelet is designed to wrap around the wrist bone for comfort. This piece also has very rounded edges at the opening of the bracelet. The brushed silver softly picks up warmth and depth of light.

This bracelet is hand-carved and one-of-a-kind. Besides brushed silver I can make similar pieces in polished and carved, and for any size wrist.

Curved Brushed Silver Bracelet

SOLD – similar items may be made to order

Hand-carved Hollow Form Silver Shield

Hand-carved Hollow Form Silver Shield

This pendant is a hollow form. It is about three inches long and half an inch thick. Both sides are rounded, one side with carvings, the other side is smooth. May be worn with the carvings in the front, or with the smooth side showing.

I prefer the carved side showing, so it is shown here with the carved side in the front.

While making this shield, I was focusing abundance and empowerment – and that is what this pendant represents.







Hand-carved Hollow Form Silver Shield

Hand-carved Silver and Aventurine “Shield” Pendant

I was very lucky to find the stone for this pendant – the size, quality, and stunning translucent green make this piece special. Depending on the light, it is either brilliant grassy green or a deep smoldering dark green.

If you are into chakras, this is an excellent piece for the fourth, or heart chakra. (Green is the most widely-used color for the heart chakra).

Aventurine is in the quartz family, and is useful for general, all-purpose healing. It is supposed to bring “good luck” as well.

Personally, I just happen to really like green, and this piece was a lot of fun to make! It is one of my current favorites.

This pendant, like all my hand-carved pieces, is one-of-a-kind. Due to the size and quality of the stone, I most likely won’t have more like it. (I may continue playing with the shape, but I never know what I will find in terms of stones).

Hand-carved Silver and Aventurine “Shield” Pendant

Pictured below in different light settings . . .