Wide Open ~ Anticlastic Silver Cuff

Wide Open ~ Anticlastic Silver Cuff Simple, elegant wide silver cuff. Beautiful open hollow form anticlastic design is polished on the curved opening and contrasts with the soft brushed silver sheen of the lip of the cuff. Hand-hammered silver. Entirely hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. The piece is about an inch wide and fits a medium-sized wrist.Continue reading “Wide Open ~ Anticlastic Silver Cuff”

Married Metals Cuff

This bracelet harkens back to my childhood growing up in the Sedona area. I find the red rocks and the mountains sneaking into my work often.

This piece is entirely hand-fabricated of silver and copper. It was then blackened to intensify the raised design on the cuff.

Silver Hollow Body Modern Pendant with Agate

I had this piece of agate for about four months before I came up with a design for it. The stone itself is thick yet translucent, and the unique pattern inside the stone called for an organic shape. The depth of the pattern seems like it’s moving forward, so I needed to make a piece thick enough to honor that movement—and at the same time I wanted light to pass through the stone while forming a substantial piece of silver. This definitely called for hollow work.

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