Ultra-Mod Raw Copper and Silver Bowl Earrings

Ultra-Mod Raw Copper and Silver Bowl Earrings

Hand-hammered miniature polished silver bowls nest in hand-hammered heated and polished copper bowls. The back of the copper and the edges are left unpolished, and the color will deepen over time. The circular shapes coupled with the hand-hammered natural quality of the silver and copper bowls give the earrings a “mod” look with a raw, organic nuance.

Earrings are approximately 3/4 diameter, earring wires are sterling silver. Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind. Signed on the back.

Copper Bowl Earrings – Swimming Pool Blue

Swimming Pool Blue Bowl Earrings

Cool blue enamel contrasts against hand-hammered deep red copper in these dangling bowl-shaped earrings. Each earring has its own color and texture variation due to the hand-crafted process.

Lovely blue – very soothing for hot summer days! Imagine 1950s swimming pools, movie stars, and lounge chairs

Earrings are three-quarters inch diameter, by about a quarter inch deep. The wire is sterling silver.

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