Copper Groove Pendant

copperscoop.ACopper Groove Pendant

This hand-hammered pendant opens at the bottom into a pleasing concave rounded shape. The deep shades of red are created by heating the copper. Very feminine.

The bell of the pendant is the copper curling back.

Entirely hand-crafted. Approximately 3/4″ wide at its widest point and about a 1.25″ long. Signed on the back.

Copper Groove Pendant

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Silver, Copper and Turquoise in Balance Pendant

marriedbrusehd.2 photo by holly troy for matagi sorensenSilver, Copper and Turquoise in Balance Pendant

The raw feel of hand-hammered brushed married metals and turquoise make this hollow form pendant look almost solid. AS the copper matures it will turn darker, adding to the raw nature of this piece.

Approximately two inches long by an inch wide, and a quarter inch deep. Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind. Signed on the back.

Silver, Copper and Turquoise in Balance Pendant

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