Tear-shaped Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Coral Hollow Tear 1Tear-shaped Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Brushed silver carries red coral punctuated by the deep black in the shadowbox. The cut out at the top of the pendant flows with the overall shape of the tear and the coral. Holes in the side of the pendant allow the necklace to be seen through the front. 

Coral and silver are a classic southwestern combination of materials, shown here with a new twist.

Entirely hand-crafted, this pendant is approximately a two inches long by an inch-and-a-half wide and a quarter inch deep. The coral is one-of-a-kind, as is the entire piece. Shown with a sixteen-inch silver omega necklace (separate from the pendant). Hand-signed on the back.

Tear-shaped Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Brushed Silver and Pearl Necklace – Prizewinning Piece at Eiteljorg

Brushed Silver and Pearl Hollow Form Necklace – 2nd Place for Contemporary Native American Jewelry

I am thrilled and honored that this piece won second place in the Contemporary Jewelry Division at the Eiteljorg Museum Indian Art Market 2014 in Indianapolis on June 21st. It feels great to be recognized for my work – and inspires me to keep on creating!

silver pearl necklace_B © Holly Troy 2014

Entirely handmade silver and pearl necklace contains five white pearls set as shadowbox in a hollow form brushed silver pendant. The necklace is hand rolled silver with a Roman chain made of over 400 individually formed links.

Very fluid, feminine line. The hollow form is about two inches wide and about half and inch deep. The necklace is a flattering 16 inches.

Brushed Silver and Pearl Hollow Form Necklace


Trinity – Part 3

pearl.4Trinity – Part 3

The inner part of the Trinity is a shadowbox pendant with a rounded brushed copper top with a pearl nestled in its opening. Both the pearl and the copper have a sheen that almost glows.

A lovely standout piece on it’s own.  The combination of copper, silver and pearl is captivating. As the copper matures, its color will deepen and shift as it responds to its environment.

A truly organic piece.

The copper inner shadowbox pendant is 1/2 inch wide and 1 1/4 inches long, and fits inside of the silver outer pendant. Both are about 1/4 inch deep.  Shown with a 7-strand 16″ silver omega necklace.

To view Trinity – Part 1, click here.

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Trinity – Part 3

Om Shadowbox Pendant

omshadowbox.1 photo by holly troy for matagi sorensenOm Shadowbox Pendant

A new addition to the Zen Collection!

Om is the symbol for the sound of creation, the sound of the universe. This pendant is of the symbol Om in a classic shadowbox form. Blackened silver makes the symbol stand out.

Sweet little pendant – perfect for your favorite yogi and/or meditator.

Sterling silver. Approximately 5/8″ diameter, about 1/4″ deep.

Available in brushed or polished silver.

Om Shadowbox Pendant

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Topaz Tao Pendant – Blue Skies!

Topaz Tao Pendant – Blue Skies!

Gorgeous faceted topaz set in brushed silver. Lovely! Hand-crafted, hollow form shadowbox design.

This piece may be worn alone as a pendant or with beads.

Blue Topaz is connected to the planets Jupiter and Uranus and is supposedly a soothing and clarifying stone for people under the sun signs Sagittarius and Aquarius. Being blue, it helps to calm the mind and is useful in clear communication.

5/8″ in diameter 1/4″ deep. Signed. One-of-a-kind.

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Topaz Tao Pendant – Blue Skies!

Inner Fire and Spark ~ Double Bead Necklace

Inner Fire and Spark ~ Double Bead Necklace

Another one of my “Parent and Child” pieces, this necklace is comprised of two highly polished silver and copper shadowbox beads. The copper is reddened by heating to a very high temperature, and depending on the angle and the lighting, may look purplish maroon to a deep orange red.

The beads may be worn together, or separately, allowing for three different looks.

Signed on the back. Entirely hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind hollow form.

This was the first item to sell at the Prescott Indian Art Market last weekend.

Inner Fire and Spark ~ Double Bead Necklace

Coral Shadow Box Pendant

Coral Shadow Box Pendant

Hollow form shadowbox pendant with natural coral. Blackened silver sets off coral in smooth polished copper. Classic Native American technique combined with modern design.

The pendant is made so that a necklace chain will run through the body of the pendant.

Hand-crafted. Signed on the back.

Approximately two inches long by half an inch wide.

Coral Shadow Box Pendant

Long Drop Shadow Box Pendant – Brushed Copper and Silver

Long Drop Shadow Box Pendant

Hollow form teardrop-shaped shadowbox pendant of brushed silver and copper. This piece may be worn as a pendant or with other pieces like a bead.

Approximately two inches long, about a half inch wide, and a quarter inch deep. Signed on the back. Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind.

Long Drop Shadow Box Pendant

Wide Open ~ Anticlastic Silver Cuff

Wide Open ~ Anticlastic Silver Cuff

Simple, elegant wide silver cuff. Beautiful open hollow form anticlastic design is polished on the curved opening and contrasts with the soft brushed silver sheen of the lip of the cuff.

Hand-hammered silver. Entirely hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. The piece is about an inch wide and fits a medium-sized wrist. Signed.

Wide Open ~ Anticlastic Silver Cuff

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Tao Bead Pendant – Polished Copper and Silver

Tao Bead Pendant – Polished Copper and Silver

Another tao bead, this one made with polished silver and polished copper. The copper is reddened by heating it to high temperatures, the process yields random deep shades of red, purple and rust.

May be worn as a pendant, or strung with other beads.

This is a hollow form shadow box design. Hand-crafted. Signed.

5/8 inch diameter, 1/4 inch deep.

Tao Bead Pendant – Polished Copper and Silver

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