Brushed Silver and White Pearl Teardrop Earrings

Brushed Silver and White Pearl Teardrop Earrings

Hand-crafted hollow form earrings of brushed silver are reminiscent of a lotus petal. A pearl nestles gently on the inner opening of each earring.

Stunning! These work well in formal and casual settings.

Green Disc Dangling Earrings

Green Disc Dangling Earrings

The natural deep red of hand-hammered copper tempers the green and shows through along the edges of these dangling earrings. Each earring has its own color and texture variation due to the hand-crafted process.

Very natural and beautiful!

Earrings are one inch diameter. The wire is sterling silver.

Pearl in Lotus Seed Pod Ring

Pearl in Lotus Seed Pod Ring

A pearl nestles in on of the lotus seed openings in this hand-carved silver ring. The silver reflects light like liquid, as its carved surface is not entirely flat, but rather filled with subtle organic curves. Modern shadowbox.

Seeds represent promise, potential, and growth. This ring is a sweet reminder of the possibilities we all possess.

Approximately 3/4 inches diameter, 1/4 inch in depth. One-of-a-kind. Signed on the inside of the ring.

Lotus Seed Pendant with Amethyst

Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant with Amethyst

Hand-carved crater pendant with an amethyst tucked inside. Hollow form allows light to pass through, illuminating the gem inside.

This pendant is one-of-a-kind. 13/16″ diameter, 3/8″ deep. Hollow form. Signed “Matagi Sorensen” on the side.

Silver Jewelry Available for Wholesale

Pendants and earrings are available for wholesale. Get your oms, lotus flower, and turtles here. Check back – more designs coming soon!

Contact me at to discuss minimum orders and pricing.

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