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Triple Goddess Lapis Shield Pendant

Triple Goddess Lapis Shield Pendant

Lapis is truly a stone for goddesses. It’s deep blue color has made it a favorite gem going back to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Up until the mid 1800s, ground lapis was used as a very expensive and brilliant pigment for oil and egg tempura paintings. Ancient Egyptians believed blue was the color of life because of the life-giving properties of water and the Nile, and they used lapis in glazes for statues, as paint for Kings’ statues and sarcophagi, and for jewelry. The color blue in paintings of the Madonna during the Renaissance represented purity. It also is associated with the creative power of God. In the Hindu philosophy, blue is associated with the Vishuddha (5th) chakra and Ajna (6th) chakra, which both deal with the spiritual planes of existence.

When you wear lapis, you are carrying high energy with a long history.

This pendant is made of hand-hammered silver and lapis. The edges curve forward to reflect the lapis in the middle. It is one of its kind.


Triple Goddess Lapis Shield Pendant
with chain

SOLD similar item may be made to order

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