Hand-Carved Silver Lace Cuff

silver lace cuff.AHand-Carved Silver Lace Cuff

This “silver lace” cuff is anything but dainty. Solid silver, this bracelet is comfortably weighty without being heavy. A gorgeous piece, the curve and the cut-outs refract light and color so that the bracelet seems to shimmer.

Modern with an organic feel! Simply stunning.

The inside of the cuff is curved and smooth for a very comfortable fit. Signature piece.

Hand-Carved Silver Lace Cuff

Mini Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Opening

mini martini.AMini Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Opening

Polished silver hollow form pendant. Very clean style, yet at the same time, the opening in the design gives a sense of the process of the hollow form.

Modern and beautiful.

Approximately an half inch diameter and one quarter inch deep. Hand-crafted. Signed. Shown with a 5-strand black omega necklace.

Mini Silver Disc Slider Pendant with Opening

Yellow Enamel Bowl Slider Pendant with Copper and Silver

yellowbowlpendantYellow Enamel Bowl Slider Pendant with Copper and Silver

Deep red copper is the base for and peeks through autumnal gold in this hollow form pendant. Copper nestles in silver and depresses inward creating a bowl shape.

A surprise of color! Simple, raw, modern.

Approximately 1/2 inch diameter, 1/4 inch deep. Hand-crafted, hollow form. Signed on the back. Shown here on a 16″ black omega necklace.

Yellow Enamel Bowl Slider Pendant with Copper and Silver

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Coral Shadow Box Pendant

Coral Shadow Box Pendant

Hollow form shadowbox pendant with natural coral. Blackened silver sets off coral in smooth polished copper. Classic Native American technique combined with modern design.

The pendant is made so that a necklace chain will run through the body of the pendant.

Hand-crafted. Signed on the back.

Approximately two inches long by half an inch wide.

Coral Shadow Box Pendant

garnet groove bracelet

garnet groove bracelet

Hollow form shadow box bracelet of fine silver and garnet. This piece is a combination of hand construction and lost wax casting.

Gorgeous modern design with a surprise flash of red garnet.

This piece fits an average size wrist. The hollow design is approximately 1/4 inch thick. Signed on the back. One of a kind.

garnet groove bracelet

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