Carved Silver Cuff – Limited Edition of 25

Carved Silver Cuff – Limited Edition of 25

Signature-style carved silver cuff. This piece is stunning – one inch wide and carved with organic, flowing lines in polished sterling silver – reflects light beautifully.

An instant classic. Bold, natural, gorgeous!

This cuff fits a medium wrist. Hand-carved design.

I’ve created twenty-five bracelets for this edition. Each piece is hand-signed (engraved) and numbered. I am donating number “one” of “twenty-five” to the Heard Museum today.

This weekend (March 2 & 3), I will be participating in the Heard Museum Guild Indian Market and Fair. This is the biggest Indian Market in Arizona – featuring top Native American artists from around the country.

Anticlastic Cuff – Fine Silver

Anticlastic Cuff – Fine Silver

This anticlastic cuff is made of fine silver. Rather than closing the bracelet for a rounded hollow form, I have left it open so that the inside of the bracelet is visible. The opening is about an inch wide and is highly polished, contrasting with the outer edge of the cuff, which is brushed silver.

A simple, bold piece. Fits medium to small wrists. Signed.

Hand-fabricated (made by hand), one-of-a-kind.

Southwest Indian Art Fair – February 18th and 19th

the Southwest Indian Art Fair began in 1993 as a small pottery fair. Since then, it has grown to be the highlight of Arizona State Museum’s annual educational and cultural celebrations, as well as a highly anticipated feature of Tucson’s winter festival calendar. SWIAF, like all the museum’s events, promotes respect for and understanding of the region’s vibrant and diverse Native cultures. Your support of this event helps us support Native artists.

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