Brushed Silver Shadowbox Pendant with Blue Enamel

blue shaodwbox pendant

Traditional Native American shadowbox design with a twist.

Hand-crafted hollow form brushed silver sets off glossy sky blue enamel. Holes along the side of the pendant allow the necklace to show through the actual pendant.

A one-of-a-kind modern, playful piece!

Approximately 2.5″ long by .75″ wide, .25″ deep. Shown here with a 16″ 7-strand silver omega necklace (a separate item form the pendant). Hand-signed on the back by Matagi Sorensen.

Brushed Silver Shadowbox Pendant with Blue Enamel

Mod Garnet Pendant

Mod Garnet Pendant

This pendant is made of silver and red garnet. I love playing with organic shapes. This piece mixes traditional Native American hollow form shadowbox design with a throughly modern shape.

Mod! Groovy! Very mid-century early 60s feel.

The back of the garnet is left open for more light to pass through.

Approximately 2 inches wide, 2 inches tall, a little less than a 1/4 inch deep. One of it’s kind. Signed on the back.

Mod Garnet Pendant

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Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

I am enjoying creating coral and silver shadowbox pendants. A classic combination, yet a very different energy from the turquoise and silver shadowboxes. This is fiery and vibrant!

The black in the shadowbox sets the coral off beautifully. A “power pendant” for sure!

Hollow form, hand-fabricated (hand-made), and one-of-a-kind. 1 3/4 inches long, by approximately 1/2 inch at the widest part, and 1/4 inch deep.

Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

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Dinosaur Bone Necklace Revisited (with handwoven chain)

Dinosaur Bone Necklace with Handwoven Chain

This three part necklace now comes with a handwoven silver chain of over 500 hand-fused links made by my partner, Holly Troy. The chain is 16″ long, and as a piece of jewelry, stands out on its own.

The three pieces of the pendant were made to be worn together, or separately, whatever your mood or the occasion. The two “pendants” are hollow forms, and the dinosaur bone comes from Southern Arizona.

The dinosaur bone is a rich, earthy red brown mixed with flecks of red, rust, gold and purple set against polished silver.

The large piece is about 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide, and the small piece is slightly bigger than 3/4 inches long by half an inch wide. The pieces altogether are about a half inch thick.

Dinosaur Bone Necklace with Handwoven Chain

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Coral and Turquoise Curvy Snake Bracelet

Coral and Turquoise Curvy Snake Bracelet

This bracelet is a hollow form shadowbox set with 9 stones. Traditional Native American turquoise, coral and silver with a contemporary design—beyond southwestern.

An instant classic!

A substancial piece without being too heavy. One-of-a-kind, hand-carved. This bracelet is about a half inch wide and about a quarter inch deep.

Coral and Turquoise Curvy Snake Bracelet

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Coral Shadowbox Pendant

Coral Shadowbox Pendant

I have been having so much fun making the turquoise shadowbox pendants that I decided to make some with coral as well.

Coral looks elegant against the black background of the shadowbox. A slightly different feel from the turquoise.

This piece is approximately 1 and 3/4 inches long, by half an inch wide, by 1/4 inch deep.

Coral Shadowbox Pendant

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Dusk and Dawn – Married Metals Dangling Earrings

Dusk and Dawn – Married Metals Dangling Earrings

These earrings sold so quickly I didn’t get the chance to photograph them with the earring wires!

This pair is completely handmade – the copper and silver were cut out with a jeweler’s saw and hand-hammered. The fluctuations in the metal catch light so that there are gentle glimmers of light with the movement of the earrings.

The silver reminds me of night, and the copper reminds me of the day – hence the title: Dusk and Dawn.

Similar earrings may be made to order.

Dusk and Dawn – Married Metals Dangling Earrings

Turquoise and Silver Beads

Turquoise and Silver Beads

I set these beads in silver so that the necklace passes behind the turquoise. Each bead is different, and based on the shape of the turquoise.

The beauty of making these beads is that each one is completely unique. The beads make a stunning addition to any necklace, or may be worn alone as a pendant.

Turquoise and Silver Beads

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