Promotheus Meets Neptune’s Daughter Revisited (two-piece necklace)

Promotheus Meets Neptune’s Daughter Revisited (2 piece necklace)

Two separate hollow form pieces of silver and coral and silver and turquoise nestle together to create one necklace. Each piece may also be worn separately. An example of how the Prometheus (coral) and Neptune’s Daughter (turquoise) fit together and how they appear on their own.

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A dynamic, gorgeous piece. The forms were built around the raw organic shapes of the stone – and they happen to look great together and as stand alone pieces!

Entirely hand-crafted, one-of-a kind, hollow form. Classic southwestern materials with a contemporary style. Each piece is signed. Made for the Red Hook Antique Center.

Matagi Sorensen is a Yavapai-Apache jewelry designer, silversmith, and printmaker. His work is inspired by the natural world, industrial decay, and yoga. Based in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and the Verde Valley, his work can be found throughout Arizona, the United States, Europe and on his online shop Wholesale enquiries are welcome.

Neptune Rising – Carved Silver Ring

Neptune Rising – Carved Silver Ring

There is an urgency to Matagi’s designs. The carvings appear to have rapid movement, like a fast flowing stream swirling and eddying over and around stones and branches, or the splash and froth of water as an ocean wave curls upon itself. I am amazed that Matagi’s bold carvings create a sense of fluidity in solid silver. His design sense is both skilled and intuitive. — Holly Troy

This ring is squared for an extremely comfortable fit between the fingers and the inner edges of the ring are beveled for smooth wearing. Hand-carved whitened silver, one-of-a-kind.

Neptune’s Daughter

I love the blues of the stones so much in this piece. With so much Neptunian energy happening astrologically right now, I thought I’d pay homage to the God of Water and the Sea. Reminds me of deep beautiful water, or of the heavens and desert twilight and desert dawn.

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