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It’s Cool to go to School

I am featured in an article on Northern Arizona University’s web site. Thanks, NAU!

Matagi Sorensen at work. photo: Holly Troy
Matagi Sorensen at work. photo: Holly Troy

Since I have a degree in art (BFA with a concentration in Metalsmithing) and am making art and jewelry for my living, Northern Arizona University asked if they could write a profile about me for their Difference that Matters page.  They were interested in how I decided to go to NAU and about the Whiteman Scholarship for Fine Art that I received. I was honored and excited, so of course, I said, “yes!”

Last summer, a journalist and student film makers came to the Verde Valley and interviewed me while I worked. Man, it was over 100 degrees on those days—whew—and no air conditioning, but it was fun. We filmed some on Jerome, too (that was before Zen Mountain Gallery began showing my work), since I wanted to show the film makers a view of what used to be Yavapai-Apache land.

Now there is a big picture of me on the top of NAU’s homepage and a link to a pretty nice article called Iron Will and a video about my work and my experience at NAU. It feels kind of weird to be featured like this, but cool, too!

Here’s the video:

All in all, school was a pretty great experience. I am so glad I went—at some point I might even go to grad school. It’s a good time to work hard and get support for your ideas, and be around people who have the same interests. No matter what you’re interested in, college is worth going to—you never know where it will lead.

Thanks, NAU!


Anticlastic Copper Bracelet

Anticlastic Copper Bracelet

Stunning bracelet opens to reveal highly polished deep reds against the warmth and vibrancy of brushed copper.

Like the gorgeous red rocks of the mountains in this region of the southwest, or of the deep red sunsets reflected on limestone and sand, this bracelet reflects the environment in which it was made.

This bracelet fits most medium-sized wrists. Signed on the back. Hand-hammered, heated, (almost) hollow form. No two bracelets of this style are exactly alike.

Anticlastic Copper Bracelet

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Event Fine Art Silver

Jewelry Demonstration at Zen Mountain Gallery in Jerome

I’ll be at Zen Mountain Gallery on November 3rd between 5:00 and 8:00 for the Jerome Art Walk. Some of you may not know, but I teach metalsmithing and will be doing a live jewelry-making demonstration!

Come on out and see how I create some of my work, and please, say “Hello!!

It is such a gorgeous time of year in Arizona ~ the perfect time to be out, enjoying the crisp fall air, amazing landscapes, and, of course, art!

The event at Zen Mountain Gallery will be icing on the cake.

Zen Mountain Gallery is at:
515 Main Street in Jerome

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