Turquoise Crescent Moon Pendant

Turquoise Crescent Moon Pendant

Classic moon pendants, signature design. Hand-carved sterling silver and turquoise—Sky! Sky! Sky! This one was a commission piece. And speaking of moons, next week there will be a full lunar eclipse!

Turquoise is great for opening the heart and throat chakras! Silver is good for intuition. Together – a great combination.

The moon is about an inch in diameter, signed on the back. All of my moons are one-of-a-kind.

Turquoise Crescent Moon Pendant

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Secret Cove – Turquoise Shadowbox Seed Pendant

Secret Cove – Turquoise Shadowbox Seed Pendant

Turquoise emerges from inside this pendant like a secret underground pool. The hand-hammered brushed silver body is very earthy.

This is a hollow form, the necklace runs through the pendant, leaving the line of the design completely uninterrupted. May be worn alone or with other pieces.

3/4 inch diameter, 1/4 inch deep. Signed on the back. Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind. Fine silver and turquoise. Part of the Tao Collection.

Secret Cove – Turquoise Shadowbox Seed Pendant

This piece is at Zen Mountain Gallery at 515 Main Street, Jerome, AZ.

Antiqued Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant

Antiqued Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant

I’ve added a few bronze pieces to my collection of work, and here is an antiqued bronze lotus.

A solid pendant – and the warm gold tone of bronze gives the lotus a whole new feel. This is a great gift for a yogi or flower lover.

15/16″ in diameter.

Antiqued Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant

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Turquoise and Silver Pendant

Turquoise and Silver Pendant

Smooth clean lines of silver hold raw turquoise, juxtaposing clean modernity with wild nature. The stone reminds me of the desert mountains and the sky merging.

Vibrant yet understated.

Hollow form allows the necklace to go through the piece without breaking up the line. Two inches long, one quarter inch deep, one quarter inch wide. Singed on the back.

Hand-crafted. One-of-a-kind. Fine and sterling silver, turquoise.

This piece is on display at Zen Mountain Gallery at 515 Main Street, Jerome, AZ.

Turquoise and Silver Pendant


Teardrop Pendant

Teardrop Pendant

Brushed silver softly picks up light in this delicately rounded pendant. Silver is an element that is connected to the moon and intuition; the bowl shape at the bottom of tear drop represents unlimited potential; tears and water, subtle and powerful – all are very yin energies.

The bell at the top of the pendant gently curls upon itself.

This pendant is shown with the bowl shape opening outward, though it may also be worn with the bowl facing inward.

Approximately an inch long and half an inch wide.

Teardrop Pendant


I’m in! 36th Annual Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market

I am very excited to post that I will be participating in the 36th Annual Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market, hosted by the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary.

This is a juried show, so I am very excited to be invited to participate.

It will be held at the Pueblo Grande Museum and features top American Indian artists with paintings, sculpture, jewelry, baskets and much more!

The weekend includes a variety of music and dance performances, artist demonstrations and traditional American Indian foods.

Pueblo Grande Museum
4619 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85034
Saturday, December 8 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday, December 9 – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Admission to the Market is $5 and includes admission to the Museum with free admission for children under 12.

Come check it out!! I would love to see you there.

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The Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park is a National Historic Landmark and an accredited museum with the American Association of Museums, and offers a unique opportunity to learn about and enjoy the prehistoric and historic cultures of the Valley of the Sun. Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park is a section of the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department and was donated to the City in 1924 and a museum opened on the site in 1929.

The site features three galleries, a theatre with an award-winning introductory video, and an outdoor interpretive trail. The trail contains the prehistoric ruins of the platform mound and ballcourt of the Hohokam culture, replicated housing, canal systems, and interpretive agricultural garden. Click here to read more about Pueblo Grande.

Amethyst Tao Pendant – Brushed Fine Silver

Amethyst Tao Pendant – Brushed Fine Silver

Subtle brushed silver that softly picks up light balances deep purple faceted amethyst in this hollow form pendant. The piece is designed so that a necklace runs through it, leaving the circular flow of the design undisturbed.

May be worn alone or with other pieces.

5/8 inches in diameter, 1/4 inch deep. Handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

Amethyst Tao Pendant – Brushed Fine Silver

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