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Shiva’s Spark – Silver Hand-Carved Ring

Shiva’s Spark – Silver Hand-Carved Ring

The carvings in this ring create the look of movement rising toward the top of the ring.

This ring is slightly thicker at the top, sloping toward a gentle apex. A slightly smaller point than my other ring, Shiva’s Flame.

Shiva is often depicted in images as Nataraja, or the cosmic dancer Koothan, where we see him dancing with a flame rising from his palm. The dance is to destroy the old universe and make room for the Divine to start the universe anew. (Gently) call on Shiva when you need change or purification.

The inner edges of this ring are beveled for a comfort fit. One-of-a-kind. Signed on the inside of the ring.

Size 6

Shiva’s Spark – Silver Hand-Carved Ring

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