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Southwest Indian Art Fair – February 18th and 19th

I’ve been invited by the Arizona Sate Museum to be in the Southwest Indian Art Fair next week. I am really excited and have been creating a lot of new high-end work for the event. Many of the pieces are not yet pictured on this site.

There is a ten dollar admission to the show. According the the Arizona State Musuem:

the Southwest Indian Art Fair began in 1993 as a small pottery fair. Since then, it has grown to be the highlight of Arizona State Museum’s annual educational and cultural celebrations, as well as a highly anticipated feature of Tucson’s winter festival calendar. SWIAF, like all the museum’s events, promotes respect for and understanding of the region’s vibrant and diverse Native cultures. Your support of this event helps us support Native artists.

Come visit the fair! I’d love to see you.

Some of the items that will be featured in the show:

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