Brushed Silver and Pearl Necklace – Prizewinning Piece at Eiteljorg

Brushed Silver and Pearl Hollow Form Necklace – 2nd Place for Contemporary Native American Jewelry

I am thrilled and honored that this piece won second place in the Contemporary Jewelry Division at the Eiteljorg Museum Indian Art Market 2014 in Indianapolis on June 21st. It feels great to be recognized for my work – and inspires me to keep on creating!

silver pearl necklace_B © Holly Troy 2014

Entirely handmade silver and pearl necklace contains five white pearls set as shadowbox in a hollow form brushed silver pendant. The necklace is hand rolled silver with a Roman chain made of over 400 individually formed links.

Very fluid, feminine line. The hollow form is about two inches wide and about half and inch deep. The necklace is a flattering 16 inches.

Brushed Silver and Pearl Hollow Form Necklace


Copper Bowl with Silver Lining

smallcoppersilver.1Copper Bowl with Silver Lining

Brushed copper couples with fine brushed silver for this simple hollow form pendant. The concave shape of the copper draws the eye inward. As the copper matures, it will deepen in color.

Entirely hand-crafted. Approximately 3/8″ diameter, 1/4″ deep. Signed. Pictured with a 7-strand sixteen inch black omega necklace.

Copper Bowl with Silver Lining

Double Turquoise Shadowbox Pendant

double shadow.1
Double Turquoise Shadowbox Pendant

Organic line and shape accentuate two southwestern turquoise beads on either end of this fine silver hollow form pendant.

Classic Native American technique  and materials combined with modern form.

Striking, and playful.

Approximately two inches long by half inch wide, quarter inch deep. Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind. Signed on the back.

Double Turquoise Shadowbox Pendant

Curvaceous Silver and Turquoise Shadowbox

shadowmorph.4Curvaceous Silver and Turquoise Shadowbox

Highly polished silver wraps around turquoise in an organic design. Polished silver and the undulating shape give the piece a very fluid feel. Black accentuates the lin and the stone.

Classic Native American technique, modern design.

Signature style. Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind. Approximately and inch and a half high and a quarter inch deep. Signed on the back. Shown with a 5-strand omega necklace.

Curvaceous Silver and Turquoise Shadowbox

Trinity – Part 1


A polished fine silver hollow form embraces a separate satin-finished copper-topped shadowbox with a pearl in this stunning, bold and very feminine piece. Flowing shapes and differing textures and materials are visually and tactilely appealing. The outer pendant is flat and smooth while the inner copper and silver pendant is buffed with a rounded, convex surface. As the copper on the inner pendant matures, it will respond to the environment and its color will shift and deepen.

I call this Trinity because two pieces come together to make the third unique piece. Each piece may be worn individually for three distinctly different effects. Stay tuned for each form to be posted as individual pendants in parts two and three.

Altogether, the two pendants as a whole are approximately 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches long. The copper inner shadowbox pendant is 1/2 inch wide and 1 1/4 inches long, and fits inside of the silver outer pendant. Both are about 1/4 inch deep. The back of the pendant is signed on brushed silver. Shown with a 7-strand 16″ silver omega necklace.


Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

LOTUSSEEDFull Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

My latest full moon lotus seed pendant posted on the New Moon in Aquarius! Half-way through winter in the northern hemisphere and seeds are beginning to stir in their casings. A reminder that the world is rustling with potential.

Hand carved silver hollow form pendant. Simple, elegant. Inspired by lotus seed pods.

3/4 inches diameter, 1/4 inche deep. Signature design. Shown here with a 7-strand 16″ silver omega necklace. Signed on the side.

Full Moon Lotus Seed Pendant

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Mokume and Garnet Shield Pendant

mokumeshield.2Mokume and Garnet Shield Pendant

Polished silver and copper mokume, garnet, and fine silver make up this hollow form pendant. The copper in the mokume is a deep red that will shift and deepen in color over time as it matures, coinciding with the organic beauty of the mokume design. A unique piece that will become more beautiful over time.

Entirely hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. Signed on the back. Approximately four inches long by about three-quarter inches wide by one quarter inch deep. Shown with a 5-strand black omega necklace.

Mokume and Garnet Shield Pendant

Sun and Moon Meet Venus ~ Pendant

venus.10Sun and Moon Meet Venus

Cool silver envelopes warm copper and turquoise in this unconventional shadowbox hollow form pendant. Brushed metals softly reflect light — the colors reminiscent of warm southwest desert red rock and blue sky.

Entirely hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. Signed on the back. Approximately 5/8″ diameter, 1/4″ deep. Shown here with a 5-strand black omega necklace.

Sun and Moon Meet Venus

Married Metals Overlay Pendant

married overlay.2 photo by holly troy for matagi sorensenMarried Metals Overlay Pendant

Hand-hammered copper and silver married metals sit atop and are framed by fine silver in this hollow form pendant. The copper will continue to mature and will change as it ages, adding to the raw, natural quality to this pendant.


This piece is approximately 2″ long by about an inch wide. 1/4 inch deep. Completely hand-fabricated and one-of-a-kind. Hollow form with traditional overlay.

Married Metals Overlay Pendant

Venus Passing in Front of the Sun

copturq photo by holly troy for matagi sorensenVenus Passing in Front of the Sun

Late last spring, the brightest planet in our solar system, Venus, appeared as a small dot moving across the sun for seven hours. Venus’s transit in front of the sun will not happen again for a little over a hundred years. What a sight!

This hollow form shadowbox pendant is made of turquoise, copper, and fine silver. The copper is heated to create a deep red and gold color, which is set off by the clear blue of turquoise and the cool shine of silver. The traditional shadowbox technique is used in a very modern design.

5/8 inch diameter, 1/4 inch deep. Entirely hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. Signed.

Venus Passing in Front of the Sun