Tear-shaped Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Coral Hollow Tear 1Tear-shaped Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Brushed silver carries red coral punctuated by the deep black in the shadowbox. The cut out at the top of the pendant flows with the overall shape of the tear and the coral. Holes in the side of the pendant allow the necklace to be seen through the front. 

Coral and silver are a classic southwestern combination of materials, shown here with a new twist.

Entirely hand-crafted, this pendant is approximately a two inches long by an inch-and-a-half wide and a quarter inch deep. The coral is one-of-a-kind, as is the entire piece. Shown with a sixteen-inch silver omega necklace (separate from the pendant). Hand-signed on the back.

Tear-shaped Coral and Silver Shadowbox Pendant

Mokume, Silver and Turquoise Shadowbox Pendant

mokumeturq.1Mokume, Silver and Turquoise Shadowbox Pendant

I am loving working with mokume lately. I am enthralled with  the patterns that have been coming out of the recent bit of mokume I made. The circles and swirls of copper and silver are so thrilling to me – and as the copper matures, it will shift and deepen in color as well.

Organic line combined with my signature style turquoise shadowbox is a new level of work.

Very clean turquoise stone against black and intense mokume patterning. Stunning chance!

Entirely hand-made. One-of-a-kind. Fine silver, copper, and turquoise. Approximately 2 1/4 inches long by 1/2 inch wide, 1/4 inch deep. Signed on the back.

Mokume, Silver and Turquoise Shadowbox Pendant

Teardrop Pendant

Teardrop Pendant

Brushed silver softly picks up light in this delicately rounded pendant. Silver is an element that is connected to the moon and intuition; the bowl shape at the bottom of tear drop represents unlimited potential; tears and water, subtle and powerful – all are very yin energies.

The bell at the top of the pendant gently curls upon itself.

This pendant is shown with the bowl shape opening outward, though it may also be worn with the bowl facing inward.

Approximately an inch long and half an inch wide.

Teardrop Pendant


Coral Shadow Box Pendant

Coral Shadow Box Pendant

Hollow form shadowbox pendant with natural coral. Blackened silver sets off coral in smooth polished copper. Classic Native American technique combined with modern design.

The pendant is made so that a necklace chain will run through the body of the pendant.

Hand-crafted. Signed on the back.

Approximately two inches long by half an inch wide.

Coral Shadow Box Pendant