New Lotus Pendant

New Lotus Pendant

My latest lotus pendant is made of blackened sterling silver and is a hollow form so the necklace can move through the piece without interrupting the flow of the design.

Very sweet!

The perfect gift for a yogi, flower lover, or meditator. Another addition to the zen collection.

Approximately 5/8 inch diameter by 1/4 inch deep. Signed.

Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant

Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant Om shanti. Another addition to the Zen Collection. Another version of my lotus flower pendant – this one in bronze. This pendant is about the size of a quarter, and though light, has a nice depth. Bronze Lotus Flower Pendant Click here for purchasing

Silver Lotus Flower Bead

Silver Lotus Flower Bead

My latest design for the Zen Collection.

This bead may be worn alone as a pendant or with other adornments, even on a leather cord as a bracelet—your choice. It is pictured here on an omega necklace.

Perfect for a yogi or anyone who delights in lotus flowers or an eastern aesthetic.

It is about the size of a nickel and has a substantial weight.

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